When a fortunate meeting sparks remarkable ideas…

Beauté Cosmétique is a project I’ve had the chance to collaborate on from December 2015 when it was merely just an idea. Managed by the sweet and talented Sarah, we both swiftly started working closely together on this project with a common goal to create the visual identity of this rising brand.

The Facebook page was thus created, followed by the logo and the whole brand identity. Beauté Cosmétique has now over 800 faithful customers. Our collaborative work has given the brand the opportunity to offer more services, including a wide choice of natural and organic goods.

This ever-growing project has also moved with the times and Sarah now meets up and communicates with 3.0 clients who take their appointments and purchase their products using the social media platform Snapchat. We had to adapt to the new consumption methods of the evolving market; as for her, in customer relation and management strategies, and so for me, in digital creation processes in order to offer the best answers to these new user experiences.

Community Manager
Optimisation for Snapchat
Visual Identity Creation & Adaptation
Project Management & Monitoring

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